Commercial Single Ply Systems

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Los Angeles Commercial Single Ply Systems

The single ply roofing system has become the go-to option for those needing a durable, fire retardant and attractive exterior. This plastic polymer is easy to install with many other benefits making it popular in today’s market place!

What Is A Single Ply System?

TPO, PVC and EPDM are all part of the single-ply family which provides great durability while also being cost effective. Additionally they make your building highly reflective in appearance so you can enjoy an increase on energy efficiency!

What are the benefits of Single Ply System?

  • The single-ply roof is a cost-effective option for most people
  • The new faster and more efficient installation process means that jobs can be finished quickly, saving money on labour costs
  • These factory-made systems minimize any risk found in built-up and lead to overall consistency
  • The cooling and Reflectivity of the single ply roof system makes it an energy efficient option for your home

Installation Techniques

Installing single ply systems can be accomplished in  different ways:

Fully Adhered: The single ply membrane is attached to the roof with an adhesive. The type of material used will depend on your preference for how aesthetically pleasing it should be; either water-based, solvent based or asphalt based adhesives all result in a finished surface that’s smooth and appealing looking!

Mechanically Fastened: The mechanical fasteners are what keep your roof attached to the house. The most common type of this component can be found on wood or steel roofs and will hold it at any angle, no matter how steep its slope may seem!

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Choose The Best Option For You

The different types of roofs that are available for your home depend on the plan you want to use. If it’s an old single-ply shingle roof, try upgrading with a ballasted or mechanically fastened installation; if not sure what kind is best suited just get one type but make sure its adhered!

If you need a roof for your building, our experts can help evaluate and recommend the best type. We have many years of experience in designing roofs to withstand any weather conditions that may come along!

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