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Our Commercial Roofing Services include yearly maintenance plans, leak detection and repair, installations, and emergency services. We are currently servicing all of San Clemente. Your commercial roof is very important. It protects all of your assets, employees, and customers, meaning you want no one but the experts working on it. That’s where LA Roof Systems Corporation comes in. When you choose us, you’re choosing 15+ years of combined experience in the construction industry. Our contractors can take on projects involving everything from a metal roof to a single-ply membrane system. We use the industry’s best techniques to tackle storm damage, leaks, and other issues. Trust us when we say that there’s no problem we can’t repair, call today to see how we can help you!



Roof repair is the best way to protect your commercial property. Full roof replacement can be delayed by having smaller repairs dealt with.



Roof maintenance can help you save money by avoiding complete roof replacements early on. Make sure to get your roof inspected today.



Whatever type of commercial roofing needs you have, you can depend on us and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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If you’re on the search for the best San Clemente Commercial Roofing Contractor that specializes in Flat Roof systems in the San Clemente area, then look no further! Our team of commercial and industrial roofers has what it takes to ensure that your next roofing project is executed efficiently, on-time and within budget. We are among one the top roofing companies in the San Clemente market.

Whether your building is need of a complex roof repair or full roof replacement, we can help! With years of experience serving commercial customers just like you, go ahead sit back and relax while our San Clemente Roofers get the job done right. Contact us today for a no-obligation-free roofing estimate!

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High quality roof installation services combined with affordable pricing have allowed us to build a strong clientele. Our flat roofers stand behind all their work. We specialize in TPO Roofing, Roof Coatings, Metal Roofing, and Roof Repairs for commercial and industrial properties. Our commercial roofers use only the best materials in the industry such as Carlisle, GAF, and GenFlex. Contact our flat roofing experts with any questions regarding our services. You can schedule a free estimate and no-obligation consultation and get started today!

Commercial Roof Repair

Whether you have an old or new roof, it’s susceptible to damage. The San Clemente climate shows no mercy when it comes to its heavy rainstorms, strong winds, and hot sun. Luckily, we’re the professional, experienced, and equipped commercial roofing company you need to handle any repairs. Our professional team can tackle leak detection and minor fixes for your metal roof, single-ply systems, etc. Contact us today for a free quote!

Commercial Roof Replacement

In some cases, storm damage is so severe that repairs won’t cut it. That’s where our roof replacement service comes in. The LA Roofs Systems Corporation roofing installation team will get to work on your new system. We specialize in materials ranging from metal to asphalt and ensure you choose the one best for your building. From there, we take good care of your roofs and get the job done fast. We can even do an energy-efficient installation if you want your company to be more eco-friendly.

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San Clemente Commercial Flat Roof Repair Contractors

Flat Roof repairs are, unfortunately, all too common among commercial and industrial business owners. There are many situations that can lead to the need for a roof repair, but the most common include leaks, weather wear, hail and simply age. Sometimes repairs are also necessary as a result of poor installation of the original roof or even from material defects. Although the need for a roof repair can be minimized with regular roofing maintenance over time, when there is an indication that a roof needs some TLC, it’s best to take care of it sooner rather than later. LA Roof Systems Corporation has many years of experience repairing roofs for commercial and industrial customers in San Clemente and the surrounding area.

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About San Clemente, CA

Located halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, the beautiful city of San Clemente is a popular tourist destination known for its Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. The population density here makes it easy to explore but there’s always something new around every corner! The land that would become San Clemente started out as part of Rancho Boca de la Playa, granted in 1846 by Governor Pío Pico to Emigdio Véjar. This Spanish grazing ranch covered nearly everything south and east from La Ventana down past present day Orange County; however it wasn’t until after American conquest when California came under United States sovereignty that this area became known as “Ranchito Puerto del Rey.” In 1860 Juan Ávila conveyed his ownership over these lands to Pablo Pryor who then passed them on ultimately giving way for today’s community we know so well – San clementE!

In 1925, an out-of town developer purchased the land and designed it to be a resort for those who were tired of big cities. He named his new city after San Clemente Island which in turn was given its name by Spanish explorer Sebastián Vizcaino who saw fit enough at that time period’s end naming three different areas along California’s coast according with Saints: Santa Claus (in Indiana), Mission Dolores Durango City Council meeting house ,and last but certainly not least–San Germanisco seen here.

The historic architecture and attractions of San Clemente make it a popular destination for tourists. The pier is one such attraction, with its beautiful views stretching out along the beaches as far 2 miles from North Beach to Califia where there’s plenty more history waiting just below your feet!

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