Common Commercial Flat Roof Types For Durability and Lifespan

The commercial flat roof replacement services in North York are standard for many companies, and one of the most popular choices is an EPDM solution. With a 30-year lifespan on average with this material’s durability it will be worth your time when choosing what kind or company to go through!

You can have a roofing system that needs no maintenance or significantly less than other systems. Four more options are available to you when selecting an alternative, and in some cases 50 years of life will be delivered with one choice!

The suggestions mentioned below can help save time, resources, and financial outlay from installation to repairs when you make the correct selection. Find Emergency Roof Leak Repair here!

Advantages of a Durable Flat Roof


  • When considering the purchase of a roof system, durability and material cost should be considered. The price tag on your home’s exterior is driven largely by materials costs but before you decide against it because of these high initial expenses look at what they’ll do in long run! maintenance becomes exponentially more difficult with an inferior product which leads to increased repair bills anywhere from $150-$400+, not including labour.
  • The cost of a roof repair can be significant. The budget should reflect the size and severity for each issue, but an average installation will typically run about $15k with materials adding another few thousand dollars more if needed in order to get things done right! By making this investment now you are ensuring peace-of mind knowing that your maintenance expenses downsize over time thanks our knowledgeable team who knows what they’re doing when it comes maintaining roofs across different types or styles.

Less Disruption

  • In a production environment, stopping work kills momentum and affects employee output. Time is money–the less time spent on repairs or maintenance will increase your companies’ profits by maximizing the amount of product that gets made while also limiting any downtime for needed improvements such as roofing problems which can create delays when production must stop because there’s no one available during business hours who has enough free minutes in their schedule to take care these issues; stronger structures mean safer environments so if you’re looking at investing into new equipment then this might be worth considering first before anything else!

Long-Term Investment

  • Investing in a new roof is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Not only will it provide an excellent environment to work under, but also reduce costs by up-to 50%. The savings from reduced heat and maintenance expenses could allow more money being rerouted back into growing company profits – something every entrepreneur strives towards!

Five Long-Term Commercial Flat Roof Types

Metal Panel Roofs

  • Metal roofs are the ideal solution for LA winters. They will radiate heat, preventing snow and water from entering during winter months when expenses such as utility costs tend to be highest due in part by how much energy is used solely maintaining indoor temperatures over 24 degrees Fahrenheit (or +5 Celsius). The panels lock together which prevents it that could lead damage on your building’s foundation- even if there was some sort of leak! This kindof construction also has other benefits including savings thanks largely because metal doesn’t conduct electricity so you won’t have any expensive wiring needs down the line either.
  • Metal roofs are a great eco-friendly solution to the problem of replaceable roofing systems. Metal comes from recycled materials, so when it has reached its end in life cycle you can simply recycle them again instead sending offs your old shingle into landfills! Visit this link to know more about roof repair!

BUR/Tar & Gravel Roofs

  • This roofing system is perfect for those who want to keep their homes warm in the winter and cool during summer. Built-up roofs use waterproof sheets that contain a layer of tar, which provides an effective barrier against water damage as well as fire retardancy!
  • When water is present on the roof, gravel will help spur evaporation. This process helps remove excess moisture from your home’s walls and ceilings while also preventing flooding in any rooms below grade level!

Asphalt Roofs

  • Industrial, or “built-up” asphalt roofs are a low cost and fast installation option when you need to replace your roof quickly. They also have an average lifespan of 20 years which makes them perfect for businesses on tight budgets who don’t want the hassle involved with removing old shingle siding every few decades!
  • This system offers by far the best installation process and maintenance/repair regime. Tar is spread, rolls are laid as needed when repairs must be made; it’s a simple step- & repeat procedure that saves you time money in comparison to other systems on offer! Know more about commercial roofing in Los Angles!

Two-Ply Modified Bitumen

  • The two-ply roofing system is a modified bitumen which consists of polyester or fibre glass layer in between two layers of asphalt that has rubber added for consistency. This can be installed either by heat bonding with the use torch, or through an adhesive coating to make sure there are no leaks after installation without using any temperature higher than what’s required during production process. In past decades , torches caused fires and many companies opt against installing this type via cold method because it risks causing more damage on top if things go wrong – but nowadays these dangers have been eliminated thanks largely due fire prevention efforts made throughout industry now.
  • The advantages that this system provides are durability and reliability over time. It will maintain its integrity for two decades, and installation is a snap. Modified bitumen will be water-resistant because the seals are joined through a melting or adhesion process that keeps water at bay. Another key feature of this system is the colour. It is lighter than other systems, and that helps reflect UV rays that impact internal temperatures. The cost savings are indicated on the HVAC cooling bill with this system, and it has a track record of performance over many decades of service.

Single-Ply Synthetic Membranes

TPO, PVC, and EPDM are the new kids on the block in the roofing industry when compared to other roofing solutions.

  • The thermal plastic polyolefin (TPO) system is a durable, easy to install roofing option. It has many positive characteristics including cost savings and UV resistance that make it an excellent choice for your home’s exterior needs!
  • The lightest roof on the market can be installed over a pre-existing system. PVC is sturdy and will resist weather, climate well; it does not need to tear off old roofs during installation like other systems do because this one has welded seams which create watertight seals that never leak (unless damage occurs). The material also reflects UV rays very effectively minimizing ‘heat island’ effect in settings where they’re used making them eco friendly too!
  • The ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) roofing system is a popular choice for businesses and industrial facilities because it’s easy to install, low cost compared with other systems by comparison. It can be made in different colors that will help reflect UV rays which control utility costs while also being fire-resistant! This type of rubber roofs are long lasting – up to twenty years when installed correctly–and withstand hailstorms well; they’re more durable than normal asphalt shingle roofs so you don’t need as much maintenance attention either.

LA Roof Systems Corporation is here to help you with your flat roofing needs. We have a wide range of high-quality systems that we can install for any budget and will save money in the long run on operating costs!

This company provides durable goods at affordable prices, so talk them up today if this sounds like something worth looking into – just contact us through email or phone call right away.

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